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Who we are

Fiber Glass Engineering (FGE), established in 2001 by the grace of Almighty Allah, has burgeoned during the last two decades to carve a distinctive repute for our unique Fiber Glass Composite products which are manufactured strictly in accordance with the FGE standards and approved specifications. At FGE, our utmost priority is quality and client satisfaction and we go above and beyond to ensure our clients get the absolute best. Our broad range of products encompass domestic, sports, educational and industrial spheres.

FGE is synonymous with quality and excellence and we constantly strive to grow sustainably and responsibly. At FGE, we are very conscious of our corporate social responsibilities and have taken steps to ensure we give back to the society. “Our Save Trees, Save the Nature, Use Composites” campaign is one of its kind in Pakistan. We believe our successors deserve a world better than us and we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that our company’s growth resonates with it.

What WE Do

Fiberglass or Glass fiber is a material made from extremely fine fibers of glass and, a single glass filament, thinner than human hair, has a tensile strength of approximately 500Ksi/3.5GPa. These fibers are encased in a polymer resin matrix, which binds them together and allows imposed loads to be spread across the fibers. Composite properties vary greatly depending on the combination of two components: the resin and the type and form of the fiber reinforcements. 

At Fiber Glass Engineering, we manufacture high-quality, maintenance-free and robust FRP products for all spheres of society. Our main product lines include school, college and university furniture, doors of all standard sizes and unique styles, domes, khaprails and shades and industrial vessels and pumps. For more in-depth information, visit our cataloged products.

Why we are unique

SUSTAINABLE business model

At FGE, we believe that true economic growth is one that aligns with the betterment of both environment and society.


Quality is the most quintessential aspect of our products. Our products have unparalleled strength, durability and aesthete. 

CUSTOMER Satisfaction

Our products are very close to our hearts. We make every effort to ensure they stay close to yours too.

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